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“Clericus” court case maintenance system online!

Highlands County Clerk upgraded court system and related public searches live! New court case maintenance system “Clericus” online.

The Highlands County Clerk of Courts has successfully upgraded all of Court Services from divergent record processing applications to a single Court Case Maintenance System. The solution, titled Clericus, unifies all Court Services staff with a single application. Creating efficiencies at every turn, from customer transactions to the back-end data processing, the system is designed to enable the Clerk and his staff to better serve both the general public and 10th Judicial Circuit as a whole. Clericus also allows for tighter, nearly seamless, integration from within the application to various external programs as well. This design allows further efficiencies to be developed in the future. This systems upgrade was successfully completed as of March 26, 2012. Due to this upgrade, Court Record searches will need to be completed using the link provided below. The previous system (iQuery) is no longer being updated and will be taken offline completely in the near future.


Click here to search Clericus Court Records